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NGO "Research Bureau Sociologist" is a non-profit public organization.

Bureau specializes in comprehensive study of the society problems, public institutions, public opinion, social structures, dynamics of social, political and market processes. "Sociologist" specializes in the organization of independent research and analysis of social phenomena and processes for the promotion of social, political, economic, cultural, legal, social progress. Particular attention is paid to imroving of the informational space around significant social issues, bringing together the public for the formation of open, humane policy as a prerequisite to build a civil society in Ukraine. Important goal is promoting the effective use of all available development opportunities to promote democratic values and the development of democratic institutions, efficient local government, political, economic and social science education of the population.

The organization has an extensive network of analysts, field foremen, experienced recruiters and interviewers in Kharkiv and in all regions of Ukraine.

Bureau's analysts work with a range of programs processing quantitative and qualitative information.